Robotic welder from Olympus Technologies


Following on from the company’s very successful investment into an Amada Laser Cutting Machine and Press Brake back in 2016, SMB Pressings once again, have decided to invest into a new piece of modern technology that aims to increase the company’s working capacity on the shop floor.

In April 2018, the decision was made at SMB Pressings that the company would be investing in a new ‘1300mm Reach 6-Axis Robotic Welder’.

The state of the art robotic welder from Olympus Technologies offers a clean, neat weld and is the company’s solution to increasing: not only the workforce, but the quantity of work the company can complete in a day. Not to mention at a quality of the highest level also.

Now five months down the line from placing the order with Olympus Technologies, SMB Pressings are proud to announce that their ‘1300mm Reach 6-Axis Robotic Welder’ is now completely set-up and fully operational!